Influenced by a lifelong awe of the wonders of the natural world my paintings are overlaid by a deep personal concern regarding human impact on natural and social environments. Beneath the surface of paint I include etched words, illegible narrative and/or pieces of collaged layers. The layers could be from my childrens’ drawings or newspaper articles, seed pods or notes of poetry. These paintings reference seeds, plants, bees, birds, bovine, equine and/or human figures. Yet, I am most drawn to the patterns, scratches, drips and dirt of the understories exposed in the dissolving image.  My hope is these layers begin to dissolve preconceived ideas enabling a viewer to see anew. In the dis-solved interconnectedness is revealed and we are reminded that we are indivisible from our natural environment and from each other.

Western Black Rhino (extinct)Black and White: RhinosGuardiansGalapagos Tortoise and GirlAsian Elephant: Remover of ObstaclesTwo African ElephantsDreaming of Mei: Asian ElephantSumatran ElephantsIvory Tower, African ElephantsWhite ElephantMama African Elephant and BabeElephant SketchOcelotOcelot SketchLionSnow LeopardTaos Pueblo Girl and American BuffaloMexican Gray WolfMexican Gray Wolf, sketchMarkhor II Markhor IIIMarkhor IBighorn SheepPolar BearHimalayan Moon BearUrsus Horribilis, Grizzly BearWolverine Ursus Horribilis, StudyGreater Sage GrouseSketch:Greater Sage GrouseFlight of the Whooping CraneWhooping Crane in White Whooping CraneBrown Pelicans (recovered) Eider IEider II Perigrine FalconSteller Sea Lions, Western Distinct Population SegmentSpotted Owl Pair: Looking Forward and BackCalifornia CondorRed Backed Poison Dart FrogMonarch ButterfliesOde To Joy: Orca WhaleLeatherback Sea TurtleSpotted OwlBack in Kansas IIBack in Kansas ILong Tailed DuckPiping PloverPassenger PigeonNene (Hawaiian Goose)Dusky Seaside Sparrow, (extinct)Forest Owlets, IndiaGolden Green Stag BeetleBurying Beetle